About us

MONOTON:audio is a German-based techno label founded in 2013 by Michael Kruck and Hierro. For years both were resident DJs at the Fusion Club in Muenster, one of Germany's most famous electronic music clubs. The label embodies deep, dark, bassy techno with an atmospheric and straight forward sound.
We have an extreme focus on releasing distinctive, fresh music. We are interested in above the norm techno with that certain something that makes it stand out from the rest.
We honestly believe in our producers. As an outstanding artist backed by a professionally controlled label, we not only promote their releases but support their success.
If you are interested in joining the MONOTON:audio family, feel free to send us your demos.

Demo Policy

Don't send emails with attached files we will delete them directly. Please follow these simple rules:
  • Please don't contact us via social networks like Facebook or Soundcloud. If you want us to hear your sounds, only contact us via email to info@monoton-audio.de
  • Only send stuff of which you think it will fit into our label's style
  • Send at least two tracks
  • We accept 320kbps mp3 full length only
  • It is important to name the tracks and directories properly: e.g. "Artist_-_Title_(MIX).mp3"
  • Create a zip file including your tracks and an info sheet about yourself with your discography, maybe some pictures and other information you think we might be interested in, upload it and send us direct links only
  • Use sendspace, yousendit or thelike or upload your stuff to your own webspace or your private dropbox
  • You can also upload your tracks in private mode to your soundcloud, make sure you enabled the download option and send us the secret links attached your info sheet
  • Always send us the link with a personal (not automated) message to info@monoton-audio.de, subject: "Demo - Artist"
  • We don't accept tracks which are already available in full length for download, listening or shared to anyone else on any plattform
We will definitely listen to all your music if you observe these rules, but we are not be able to answer all mails. In case we are interested in your tracks, we will contact you as soon as possible, but be patient please.

Support by

A.Paul, Andreas Kraemer, Audio Injection, Axel Karakasis, Chris Hope, Chris Liebing, Cristian Varela, Dandi & Ugo, Dave Clarke, DJ Emerson, DJ Rush, Dr. Hoffmann, Drumcomplex, Drumloch, Electrorites, Erphun, Flex, Flug, Forest People, Frank Kvitta, Go!Diva, Israel Toledo, Joy Fagnani, Kalden Bess, Kerstin Eden, Klaudia Gawlas, Krenzlin, Leghau, Logotech, Massimo, Michael Schwarz, Morgan Tomas, Nicole Moudaber, Niereich, Patrick DSP, Positive Merge, Richie Hawtin, Sasha Carassi, Sebastian Groth, Space DJz (Ben), Spark Taberner, Spiros Kaloumenos, Subfractal, Sven Schaller, Torsten Kanzler, Vegim, ...